Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Many companies usually spend more time looking for data than analyzing it.

On Photovoltaic Plants, data is collected from diverse entities that need to be analyzed together. It’s often necessary to analyze a reality from different perspectives. Information is generally stored inefficiently and makes searching difficult.

SPCONTROL has applied its extensive knowledge on the Operation, Maintenance and Management of the PV plants to develop a Business Intelligence Software which is at our customer’s service

This Software is already helping our customers to take the right business decisions by:

  • Comparing Energy produced versus budget
  • Comparing solar resource versus expectations
  • Performance ratios
  • Comparison among twin  PV plants
  • Solar panel temperature
  • Wind speed,  Wind direction , Humidity, Ambient Temperature,…
  • Solar tracking performance
  • Consumed energy
  • Telecom link availability
  • Incidence lifecycle management
  • Solar inverter temperature
  • Tracking systems status
  • Alarms
  • Automatic Reports:
  • Daily production
  • Month to date
  • Year to date
  • Customized

… Our Software is under continuous improvement and can be adapted to your needs.