O&M Optimization

O&M Optimization

SPCONTROL provides added value to Large Photovoltaic Projects by continuously monitoring Operation and Maintenance, identifying inherent risks and evaluating performance

The control activities, both remote and in the field, are defined from  Performance Indicators generated by our Business Intelligence Software.

Customers requesting  O&M Optimization to SPCONTROL benefit from our large experience supervising:

  • Clean energy production versus budget.
  • Optimal Stock of Replacement parts.
  • Workers’ health and safety.
  • Security and surveillance System.
  • Emergency Electric generator.
  • Operating temperatures and voltages of  solar inverters.
  • Rainwater drainage system, debris removal, rodent control, foundations.
  • High voltage infrastructure.
  • Certifications of obligatory compliance in low and high voltage.
  • Classification and storage of all technical information.
  • Analysis and optimization of the electrical consumptions, telecommunications, etc.
  • Control of suppliers and budgets.

…. Through independent consultancy and guarding our customer’s interest.